Maverick X3 Information App For IOS & Android

Maverick X3 Information App For IOS & Android


Can-Am recently released a phone application called “BRP V.I.A” which stands for “Vehicle Information App.” This new app reveals all the information you need to know for the newly released Maverick X3 including a vehicle walk-around, accessories, videos, specs & much more. You can find the BRP VIA App within both the Apple IOS & Android stores. This application is not exclusive and is FREE!

Just Search your Apple Store or Google Playstore for “BRP VIA”

Walk around the Maverick X3 in a virtual sense, overview specs, view pictures and watch promotional videos!




This is a good grab for anyone interested in reading up on the Can-Am Maverick X3 to know everything humanly before purchasing it! This gives you a chance to give your salesman a run for his money on knowledge.

Search your app store today and find “BRP VIA” and download for FREE!



  1. I love that “there’s an app for that” is a real thing! Do you want to know more about the X3? “There’s an app for that!” Hahaha!! All joking aside, I downloaded the app… and it’s great! The walkaround videos are awful tho because they make me want to abandon my dream of owning a Polaris General and just hop right into the X3!