Kolpin 72″ Plow Review

Kolpin 72″ Plow Review


I started off last October realy needing to replace and or upgrade the old plow that had taken a beating on the old Sportsman. I have a long gravel driveway that is a little less than a ¼ mile long and it is really tough on plows.

I decided to give the Kolpin plow a shot and to also get a bigger plow than the 48” that was on the Sportsman. I decided to put a plow on my 2012 RZR XP4 and went with the 72” from Kolpin. The only concern I had with this decision was that they did not make a direct mount setup for my machine and most older machines. After talking with the guys from Kolpin they assured me that their universal setup would work. So I went ahead and order the entire setup.

The plow and all its parts were shipped quickly and arrived shortly before we started getting snow here in Michigan. It was packaged well and didn’t have any damage when it arrived. Of course I procrastinated and didn’t install it immediately. I was still concerned about the effort it was going to take to make the universal mount work.

So the day before we were supposed to get several inches of snow I decided I better get to work. I got everything in the garage and unpacked. Read through the direction that are not the best because the images used are dark and not easy to see. If you are mechanically inclined it’s very easy to figure out. The universal mounting system is designed in a way that it should be able to be mounted on just about anything. After removing the front part of my skid plate I was able to easy figure out where to mount the brackets to the frame. This process went much easier than I expected and is a very well thought out mounting system.

The next step was to assemble the plow itself. This was another fairly easy process. Other than the images the instruction went good. The hardest part was getting the two tension springs installed to the blade and the frame. With a little help from my son that was done. The entire plow assemble than mounts very easily to the mount. It has no pins and easily slips into place. This is a much easier setup to install and take off then the plow than systems I’ve had in the past with having to get the pins holes lined up and then installed.
I also decided to add the power angler. This is not a cheap option but at the end of the day well worth every penny. It was easy to mount to the push tube. If you have a little wiring experience the overall installation was very easy. I mounted the control in the cab and now there is no need to get out and mess with trying to angle the blade.

Now for the good and bad after a few uses in a couple heavy and light snow falls. The plow performed well when it came to pushing snow. The power angler made it easy for me to push the snow where it needed to go. There are a couple issues that I had with the setup. First and probably the most concerning for me was that by the second time I plowed both of the shoes that go on the bottom of the blade broke. It didn’t break the mount off the blade it just snapped the rod that is welded to the shoe. Now remember that I have a fairly rough gravel driveway so this is probable not the entire fault of Kolpin. Without having the shoes on the bottom of the blade I now have a lot of gravel to rack out of my grass this spring. The second issue and not really that big is that because of my rough driveway the cover that goes over the power angler kept falling off. I eventually just through it in the back seat. The high lift push tubes are great and make it very easy to get the machine on and off a trailer if needed. I would defiantly recommend getting the rubber flap that goes on the top of the blade. This thing can throw some serious snow and if you don’t want it coming back in your face it’s a must. I did not opt for it but will be adding it before next year.

I did talk with the guys from Kolpin about the two issues I had and they told me they were already working on a design change to be able to add stronger shoes and fix the problem with the power angler cove falling off. At the end of the day I’m very happy with the Kolpin snow plow setup and would defiantly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a quality plow and a great company to work with. The guys at Kolpin are easy to work with and will listen to any of your concerns.



  1. I will be in the market for a plow for next winter. I will plan on adding Kolpin to my short list for sure! No question I will fork over the extra coin for the power angle option! Sure seems like it would make life easier! I see the U-bolts were a little long for the universal mount. I assume you will likely be buzzing those off before riding on the trail….I can see those hanging up on a log or similar pretty fast 😮

  2. Dave, One other question. How fast does the blade angle work when angling from one side to the other?

    It not supper fast put way faster than getting out and doing it yourself. I will shoot a video of it’s movement and get it posted.