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  1. Jaybey
    Jaybey wgarcar1
    Are you still doing the lighted whips?
  2. Rhoda Mule
    Rhoda Mule Curt
    I am having a problem posting a video from my wife's I-phone. Please help. Thanks Gary
  3. Jaybey
    Jaybey DieselFume
    I was trying to post a picture on a post but the MP4 would not post. What do I need to do please?
  4. Jaybey
    Jaybey Curt
    I was trying to post a picture on a post but the MP4 would not post. What do I need to do please?
  5. Jon dare
    Jon dare SxSNationDev
    2008 800 aftermarket head lights put in by previous owner. How can you check the boxes under hood to see if they are bad or the bulb it looks fine no burnt areas wire on outside of bulb isn’t broken but does not have a white coating on it but not sure it’s needed. They spliced in a small light bar to the headlight that works but only wrapped the wires to each other no tap no nothing. One tail light is out also.
  6. SandsHD77
    SandsHD77 Curt
  7. Dcash
    Dcash Kymedic
    Interested in a Ham radio for my sxs. Want one w all the options for communication. I am studying for my Ham license but need something that works prior to getting the license. Most of my time w be at Hatfield w yearly trips to Colorado.
  8. syphentube
    syphentube DieselFume
    Hi there can you help me with a rzr problem I seen the post you made and guessing you have a lot of knowledge
    1. Seastacker
      You may have better luck posting over on the forum board versus profile. Adam (@DieselFume )will be more likely to see it.
      Apr 24, 2019
  9. Dan 1265
    Dan 1265 Curt
    You don't have a team for kymco. Do you have a other category?
  10. Dan 1265
    Dan 1265 Curt
    You don't have my brand to join a team. Can you make a team #other. I have a kymco
  11. custom street
    custom street DieselFume
    I have 07 polaris 700 xp oil pressure blew out filter o ring replaced oil and filter took out valve spring and dovel tried two ball bearing fix still too much pressure put dovel back in after polishing same high pressure have to order chevy dovel so i can try that any help would be great thank you
    1. DieselFume
      You're on the right track, I'd put the chevy dowel in there and see what happens. How much pressure are you seeing? normal should be around the 30-35 range once fully warm. on cold startup you can see anywhere from 50-80 psi till warmed up.
      Jan 7, 2019
  12. DirtyDixie99
    DirtyDixie99 jmarco89
    Where do you ride in south Texas?
  13. Gerry
    Gerry SxSNationDev
    Took your survey...at the end, it didn't send me to a page with a URL, it sent me to another survey on current events.
  14. Jaybey
    Jaybey Chiefmorton
    Can you send me a link to reset my password please it seems the one I have listed is not working but it does allow me to log in just not update my personal info.
  15. Mwaldo
    Mwaldo DieselFume
    Looking for valve guides ranger 6x6 2006, 700 efi, burning oil from some where
  16. frank
    frank Dave
    I was out with a bad battery, on the way home the Polaris died. I was pushed home about 3 blocks and charged up the batteries. The engined cranked very good but would not start. I have spark and fuel. I get a code of 535 1. any ideas??? please respond back to me at my email as I have been having problems logging in. frank.czajkowski@gmail.com
  17. Lance
    Lance Curt
    Hey there, on the reservation form we have to fill out for the jamboree it asked for the the campsite number and I put "?" Only because they didn't provide that to me. I even went back and double checked the email they sent me. I'd be more than happy to call them if it is required. Not a problem at all! Just let me know :)
  18. Able CNC and Fab
    Able CNC and Fab Dave
    Hi I wanted to know what do I have to do if I just want to sell custom rzr grills?
  19. Redrocket
    Redrocket SxSNationDev
    Sorry about that thanks for everything.
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    2. SxSNationDev
      No problem at all, just didn't want people knowing your address is all :p
      Jan 9, 2018
  20. Redrocket
    Redrocket kscfire
    That's the one I'm getting
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