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ADEG Completes Vehicle Dynamics Testing

Discussion in 'Intimidator Nation' started by Dave, Dec 19, 2015.

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  1. Dave

    Dave Dave Administrator

    Nov 12, 2015
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    2017 RZR XP4 1000 turbo

    ADEG Completes Vehicle Dynamics Testing … Fayetteville, AR - Applied Dynamics Engineering Group, LLC (ADEG) has completed a full battery of vehicle dynamics testing for the Intimidator product offering for the 2016 year model of utility vehicles (www.intimidatorutv.com). Intimidator UTV, who manufactures all their vehicles in Batesville, AR, will be releasing a new version of their standard cab, along with their crew cab model, that has an upgraded, more powerful powertrain. ADEG offers vehicle dynamics testing services to side-by-side original equipment manufacturers, which allows the OEMS to have the peace of mind that they are releasing a safe product to the market. Applied Dynamics Engineering Group’s Testing Division utilizes state of the art OXTS Inertial and GPS measuring system, Isaac Vehicle Telemetry data acquisition computers and sensors, and high speed high definition cameras during product evaluation. The current voluntary industry standard ANSI / ROHVA 2014 -1 test specification was used to evaluate the vehicle stability and dynamic performance. Both of the 2016 Intimidator UTV models that were tested exceeded the stability requirements set forth in the ANSI / ROHVA 2014 -1 specification. Knowing the importance of driver safety, Intimidator requested that ADEG go above and beyond the standards and complete additional vehicle dynamics testing that brings the side-by-sides to their handling threshold. Knowing the handling limits of vehicles is vital to the development process and allows OEMs to create more stable vehicles. Along with the stability portions of the ANSI / ROHVA specification, Intimidator has verified that their ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) exceeds the current industry standards. For more information regarding ADEG’s vehicle testing & evaluation contact:info@adeg.us

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