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Good Day

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by GWD, Aug 16, 2019.

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  1. GWD

    GWD George SXS Nation Rookie

    Aug 16, 2019
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    Arkansas and West Virginia
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    Odes Dominator 800X

    We have two side by sides, both two seaters. One is a Hisun and the other is an Odes 800X Dominator. Neither one is used for extreme use. We use them for utility vehicles around our primary residence and on our 15 acre vacation/summer home

    The Hisun is located in Arkansas and the Odes in West Virginia.

    The Odes does navigate over some very rough terrain as our place in WV is wooded, rocky and either straight up or down depending where you are at the moment.

    Both vehicles are used equally by my wife and myself.

    I do my own maintenance which is why I sought out this forum. Information I have found on the Odes is sketchy at best thus far and Odes had not been forthcoming with much data. The stock response seems to be take it to a dealer/service center. Given that the closest is over 200 miles away I am hoping for a source for valid information where I can get information as well as impart anything I may learn that will be beneficial to fellow members.
  2. Rockin Ronnie

    Rockin Ronnie Ron Moderator

    May 20, 2017
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    Evart, Michigan
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    17 Polaris General
    13 Polaris Ranger

    Welcome to the Nation George !

    Not many on here but a few and now you make one more as the machines has more owners sure more will find there way on here!

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