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Hoping to get some advice for repairs for 2016 RZR 900s

Discussion in 'RZR Nation' started by lkoch312, Feb 12, 2020 at 8:03 PM.

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  1. lkoch312

    lkoch312 Liam SXS Nation Rookie

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    RZR 900s

    Hey y'all, I'm new here, and like my title says, I'm trying to do some repairs on my 2016 rzr 900s. I recently bought the RZR from my uncle and don't have a lot of technical knowledge. Over the weekend we were out riding on a track he has on some family property and when I was taking a left turn my rear right axle busted (or it may have broken before, but I imagine I would've noticed sooner) and it resulted in a 1 3/4 roll towards the passenger side.

    From what I can tell, other than the axle all of the internals are fine, but the roll cage got bent pretty bad on the passenger side. So I'm looking to replace the roll cage and don't want to spend an arm and a leg on a custom one or buying it from a dealer. What I'm wondering is if the 1000 cage will fit on the 900. The design appears to be the exact same, except for the two struts on the back of the 1000 cage reaching back to the rear bumper. If those struts are taken off will the dimensions of the 100 cage allow it to fit on the 900?

    There are tons of secondhand 1000 cages for a good price online, but almost no one is selling a cage from a 900.

    Additionally, where do y'all buy new axles?

  2. RWB713

    RWB713 Richard Team SXS Nation

    Mar 12, 2019
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    Aztec, NM
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    2018 Polaris RZR XPT4

    The cage from a 1000s is the same cage from a 900s. The XP1000 cage is the one you have looked at with the additional down bars in the rear, it will bolt up to a 900 minus those two bars as you suspect. You can probably find someone giving one of those cages away if you look around, they're not worth the cheap steel they're made with in my opinion, mine went to the county landfill.

    Just my .02, the stock cages are thin wall junk, and the money spent to put a decent cage on is well worth it.

    For new axles, look at Super ATV or Demon for more HD replacements, or somebody like Eastlake or Tusk ( Rocky Mountain ATV ) for a cheaper replacement. Make sure to do a very good inspection of the control arms and ball joints all the way around, they normally will take damage during a rollover.
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  3. Seastacker

    Seastacker Carl Moderator

    Feb 1, 2016
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    SE Michigan
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    2019 Polaris General 4

    On top of what Rich said, look at the mount points for the cage as well. Look for popped paint around welds and mounts. I work in insurance we we see MANY roll overs. Often people think its just the cage but the new ones wont fit. Several measurements later they find that the mount points are off by .5" or more. Hopefully in your case its just some cosmetics and the cage.
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