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Marketplace - RULES

Discussion in 'RULES of The Nation' started by SxSNationDev, Dec 16, 2015.

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  1. SxSNationDev

    SxSNationDev Zachary Administrator

    Oct 26, 2015
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    1. Use ( Buy, Sell & Trade ) section at your own risk!
    • This section is intended to help create a friendly and safe marketplace for all types of personal transactions pertaining to Side x Sides. Since all transactions are going to be mainly online deals, please use precaution when going about business. For profit businesses must be an approved vendor to use this section.
    • SxSNation is not responsible for any transactions period.
    • When attempting to make a deal with other community members, make sure to use some common sense. Look at things such as [ Trader Feedback ] , posts, registration date, reputation around the forum, etc.. Don't forget to check out approved sponsors as they will have the best reputation throughout the forum.
    2. Report Scams
    • We will investigate both ends of the transaction and make the appropriate action which will most likely result in permanent ban.
    • If you sense shady activity, please report the specific thread or post and we will make sure to quickly act to protect against possible scammers.
    3. Leave Feedback
    • This will help create trustworthy traders down the road.
    • Do not abuse the system, we will monitor feedback as they come through.
    • Be very specific in the feedback details to help with possible investigations.
    4. Listings
    • Listings will auto close after 30 days.
    • You may bump/open old threads if you did not sell the item listed.
    • Please close thread if items was sold.
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