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Middle TN Riding - Wooly's Offroad Park

Discussion in 'Southeast Region Riding Area Information' started by slane01, Jul 8, 2017.

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  1. slane01

    slane01 SXS Nation Rookie

    Feb 21, 2016
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    Polaris Ranger Crew

    Has anyone ridden at Woolys Offroad in Lynnville TN?

    I was there for the first time today. Overall, I was not that impressed.

    I have read many good reviews of Wooly's and have watched several videos of the park.

    I was disappointed that there were no trail maps available at the park. I was told to just Google it and you will get a satellite map view of the park.

    I was able to pull down a PDF map of the park. The map was sectioned into major areas. However, all trails were unmarked.

    The biggest issue I had was knowing which trails I would fit down. I was riding with my buddy and his younger son on ATVs and I have my family on the Ranger Crew.

    It would have sure been nice to know which trails I would not fit on, prior to driving on them, then figuring out how to backup and turn around.

    The park seems to have a great variety of riding. However, it would be nice to know the trail difficulty and have trails marked.

    I asked at the clubhouse where the easiest trails were - he pointed us in that direction, but I quickly ran out of trail width in many areas.

    I think in would have been much better off on the more difficult side of the park where the jeeps and other vehicles ride as the trails would have likely been wider.

    It was a good, but was cut a bit short due to a bad wheel bearing on my buddy's 4 wheeler.

    If anyone has ridden this area and has any recommendation on directions to head or has GPS tracks and cares to share them, it would be appreciated.

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