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Parts, Accessories, & Service

Discussion in 'Intimidator Nation' started by Techspec360, Oct 10, 2018.

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  1. Techspec360

    Techspec360 Brian SXS Nation Rookie

    Oct 1, 2018
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    2018 Intimidator Classic 800

    Hey Intimidator Nation! Hello from the PNW as a new Intimidator owner.

    If you're like me, there is not much of a dealer network around here. Even though their website states it, there is currently no dealers in WA state. Where does everyone go for parts, accessories, and service? I've been in touch with the cust svc people at Intimidator and they have been good at responding regarding my questions, but things like basic filters, CVT belts, etc. would be nice to source locally or online. That being said, if you have any info or sites that you have found work well for basic maint. items, that would be great!! I was thinking I could hit up a Mahindra dealer for some items now that Intimidator is making their UTV's but I have the 800EFI, which doesn't appear to be a Mahindra option. It appears the 800 is a Can-Am (Rotax) so I can probably go that route for basic maint items.... I think for any warranty issues, I might be pretty hosed.

    Just thought I'd check to see if anyone out there owning one of these is in a similar situation.

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