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SuperATV Portal Axle Lift for Polaris Ranger Now Available!

Discussion in 'Ranger Nation' started by vividracing, Jun 12, 2018.

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  1. vividracing

    vividracing DAN Supporting Vendor

    Mar 14, 2017
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    Gilbert, Arizona
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    Although a lot of people like to lift their UTVs for better ground clearance, lifting a UTV will change the suspension geometry, and generally, it causes more stress on specific components. This problem can be mitigated by using longer suspension arms which effectively reduces the angle of the suspension arms, but the problem still exists. If you want more ground clearance without altering the suspension geometry, then portal axles are the answer. These are essentially a gearbox on the end of the axle that allows the axle shaft to sit higher than the centerline of the wheel.

    With portal axles, you can reduce the angle of the axle shaft while also increasing ground clearance. To be exact, the SuperATV Portal Gear Lift provides an extra 6” of lift. Even with 6” of lift, the axle centerline is relocated vertically to retain factory steering geometry. On top of the lift and factory suspension geometry, the portal gears have a 1.82:1 gear reduction which further improves crawl-ability. Unlike other portal gears on the market, you will not be forced to run weird axle shafts; this is the only kit on the market that is compatible with aftermarket and OEM axle shafts without any modification.

    • 1.82:1 gear reduction
    • CNC machined solid aluminum housing for superior strength
    • Precision-Ground Gears
    • Compatible with factory length axles
    • Can be paired with a suspension lift kit for even more lift
    • Requires an 18” or larger wheel
    Learn more on Vivid Racing

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