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Teryx 4 Starting issue

Discussion in 'Teryx Nation' started by Mack27, Jun 2, 2020.

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  1. Mack27

    Mack27 Bob SXS Nation Rookie

    May 31, 2020
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    Airzona USA
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    2013 Teryx4

    Howdy! I've been enjoying my Teryx for over 7 years. I've learned a bunch, and I've come across some things that others may encounter. This looks like a strong platform to spread information.

    I ran across a starter issue, hit the key and get a rapid click. Checked the battery and it is fully charged.
    With a volt meter on the battery, there is no load when the starter is activated. The clicking is in front of the steering wheel, so I removed the cover next to the hood. The solenoid is mounted there so tried to jump and solenoid, engine started, tried the key and there is the rapid click. On the passenger side of this area, there is a cluster of 3 relays. One of these was also clicking when the solenoid was clicking.

    I unplugged the relay and tested the circuits. 2 of the connections are hot, and 1 feeds the solenoid.
    The problem I found is the ground to the relay. It is only present in neutral. When it is present, its to weak to activate the relay. with an external ground the relay works fine but the engine starts in gear.

    I haven't found any info on where this signal comes from. I have one of the hot wires jumped to the solenoid wire and it working, but the safety is disabled.

    So it wasn't a battery, a starter, or cables. There is probably a module somewhere... Probably big bucks at the shop.

    Hope this helps, Love my Teryx4, only problem I have had accept blowing a belt at 200 hrs...

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