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throttle MAXX Side X Side Gas Pedal Control and Comfort Accessory

Discussion in 'ThrottleMaxx' started by Throttle MAXX, Jun 15, 2017.

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  1. Throttle MAXX

    Throttle MAXX Mike Supporting Vendor

    Aug 2, 2016
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    Teryx2, mule pro


    My name is Mike from throttle MAXX. Throttle MAXX is a easy to install device made to eliminate throttle surge, leg or ankle fatigue and pain from use of your SXS gas pedal. You all know what a pain it can be trying to control the throttle on all the different terrain SXS riders enjoy. Pain in the shin, ankle, calf and foot from hours of trying to keep that throttle steady.

    With throttle MAXX installed you'll be able to enjoy steady and complete throttle control and comfort with your SXS gas pedal. With simple installation this device will change the way you control the throttle, making it smooth no matter who's driving or what's ahead. Sand, rock crawling, mountain roades, dirt, mud or snow, no more foot or leg pain.

    Throttle MAXX is a family owned company and all of our parts are designed and manufactured right here in America. We currently have throttle MAXX accessories for 18 different SXS models with more to come. From Kawasaki to John Deere and nearly every SXS in between, throttle MAXX had got ya covered.

    We are excited and happy to be a part of the SXS Nation and hope to gain many more contacts friends and family members.
    Why bolt a piece of wood to the floor of that expensive new machine...Why cut, bend, weld and hope you can fix the throttle problem?

    All of our products are laser cut and custom fit to the factory pedals. No drilling, welding or further modification. Top quality US Steel and parts, topped off with the most durable exterior coating available today, this American made, Patented and trademarked product is made for our families and customers.

    Since I am new to the forums and SXS Nation, I may need some guidance and help with the chats. I will also need advice and help with other additions, after market adds and upgrades, so i'm sure i'll get it here. Log onto our website for more information. Watch our videos and see what throttle MAXX can do for you.


    But here's the best part, even if you don't take advantage of the Father's day sale, all SXS Nation members, will enjoy a life long 5% discount on all of our products, just for being a SXS Nation member. Chime in, let us know what you think, help us learn and grow.

    Log on and take us for a ride.......THROTTLE YOUR ADVENTURE!!!!!
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  2. Ken

    Ken SXS Nation Team Leader

    Feb 9, 2016
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    Casa Grande. Arizona
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    2013 Ranger XP 900 Sunset Red LE. 2009 Ranger 700 XP Sunset Red

    After driving a friends Ranger 900 with a Throttle Maxx I decided to put one on my 2018 General 4. I really like it a lot. Much smoother throttle engagement and easy of advancing the throttle. Very easy simple installed. Good Job Throttle Maxx

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