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Wolverine X2 running too cool after heater install.

Discussion in 'Wolverine Nation' started by Piston Honda, Jan 17, 2019.

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  1. rocksalot

    rocksalot James Team SXS Nation

    Feb 25, 2016
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    Looking at my skid plate
    Side X Side(s):

    Ranger 900
    Ace 570

    Also, the motor and exhaust on these rigs puts off a tremendous amount of heat, and it starts warming up as soon as you start it.
    A short section of aluminum vent tubing and a marine bilge blower and little bit of home engineering can set you up with a very good heating system for less than $50.
    On a Ranger 900 the exhaust outlet for the CVT blows across the engine exhaust and is then turned by the heat shield and exits out the back. If the heat tube opening is in the right position this air will blow right into it. My fan is located under the middle of the seat and blows directly into a grill vent that directs the air toward the floor.
    Also if your cab is closed up and you have your engine intake located in the cab behind the seat it will pull air through the heat tube all the time so in moderate conditions like here in Kentucky I don't need to run the fan all that much. In the summer I use a piece of aluminum tape to close off the vent at the back by the heat shield.
    You might get some fumes as the crud burns off the tubing but I haven't noticed any so far this year but I haven't used it much either.

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