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Jul 21, 2020
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We’ve all heard it before, courtesy pays. But does it always pay each and every time? Simple answer is no. There are those out there that no matter what will not be nice or courteous. We must be bigger than they are and forgive them, and if given the chance remind them gently that what goes around comes around.

Think of your loved one being broken down on the interstate, would you want all the people in the world to just drive on by or would you want someone to stop and try to help them? I have been int the boat of needing help a time or two. I was fortunate enough once to be able to call a real friend to come to my aid. Since that time, I make it a matter of principle to stop if I think I can help someone whether it on the interstate or out in the desert. About 18 months ago I was coming back from a long day of riding on 100+° and there on the interstate was a young couple with a U-Haul truck with a flat tire. They didn’t have a jack that would lift the truck. I did. Short story. I drug out the necessary equipment changed the tire and put my tools away. The man helped me carry my tools back to the truck and stuck $75.00 in the cup holder. NO WAY WAS I TAKING HIS MONEY. I made him take it back and told him “I’m just paying it forward”

You can be courteous or be a butthead. Your choice.