KnucKL-EyeZ first impression

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Nov 12, 2015
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2017 RZR XP4 1000 turbo


I got a new set of googles from Knuckl-EyeZ and I have to say wow.


They come with a nice carrying case, 3 lenses, cleaning cloth and a nice bag for the extra lenses.


The lenses are magnetic and just pop out and snap back in. This will make it very easy to change one the trail if the weather charges or you go from day to night.


They have a great seal and fit nicely on my face. I where glasses and the design allows them to fit nicely over my glasses and are very comfortable. I wish I could get out and give them a good try but I'm currently having a clutch issues with my Pro and I'm waiting on parts. As soon as I can ride again I will but them to the test and give a full review on how they perform. Everything I have heard I shouldn't have any issues.

Be sure to use their discount code found at Discount code


Feb 1, 2016
SE Michigan
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2019 Polaris General 4

Very cool. I've seen these magnetic lens goggles catching on. I love the quick change lens. I usually run with clear which can suck during a bright sunny day, but ensures I can see if out after dark or the weather changes. I'll have to give em a shot.

PS....seems like we cant win with clutches this year....